Green Project

Climate change is increasingly becoming a global problem posing a fundamental threat to vulnerable families which are faced to resource struggles, displacements and impoverishment.

In order to confront this global challenge, SOS Children's Villages implemented a LET’S GO GREEN pilot project in Gashora Sector, a semi-arid Agro-Ecological Zone in Bugesera district, which aims at raising awareness on environmental protection and improving living conditions of affected families, The pilot project promotes a regenerative agriculture, soil fertility and agricultural productivity through effective land husbandry practices within an integrated landscape management approach.

It is designed to create a household farm as an enterprise by designing a cost-effective sustainable farming system. “Greenscaping for sustainable agriculture development and family cohesion” will tackle head-on and simultaneously, the soil and climate constraints and the crop and livestock productivity in order to improve poor households’ income generation and nutritional status.


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