[Biwe project distributes Toolkit for young TVET graduates ]

Biwe project distributes Toolkit for young TVET graduates

Youth make up one-third of the Rwandan population, they are most vulnerable to unemployment. Getting solutions that empower the youth and generate new jobs is a priority for SOS Children’s Villages in Rwanda.

The Biwe Project initiated by SOS Children’s Villages in Rwanda has put measures in place to eradicate unemployment in Kayonza, Gasabo and Gicumbi Districts.
SOS Children’s Villages in Rwanda through Biwe Project has been handed over tool kits to 81 young people in Kayonza and Gicumbi districts were provided with different start-up tool kits following the accomplishment of a trade-in tailoring and welding.

Francoise Mutoneshe, SOS Children’s Villages Rwanda Biwe Project Coordinator, said: “We have encouraged the youth who are enrolled into the trades of tailoring and welding to join cooperatives and all of them complied with our request.”

Dushimimana Emmanuel, one of the youth who recently graduated in welding received a toolkit explained:

"I joined the Biwe Project after dropping out of school for two years as my relative who committed to pay my school fees was sentenced five years to prison. I was so sad that I did not have a chance to continue my studies. Thanks to the Biwe project, I have gained a lot of experience. The toolkits we received is the key which will lead us to success."

Lea Mukabyiringiro, another Biwe Project beneficiary, is grateful for the toolkit she just received: “When I graduated from secondary school, my scores were not good enough to get a government scholarship. “ I was grateful that I could enroll into the Biwe Project in welding. I believe that this is our chance to fulfil our dreams and lead us to a better future,” she explained.

Lea Mukabyiringiro grateful for the toolkit she just received

Mbasha David, Division Manager at Kayonza District, appreciated the toolkit distribution from SOS Children’s Villages Rwanda. “SOS Children’s Villages Rwanda is one of our favorite partners. For many years they support our district to eradicate poverty in families by empowering children and young people. Two youth cooperatives were initiated thanks to the support from SOS Children’s Villages in Rwanda”, David explained.

SOS Children’s Villages Rwanda through the BIWE Project contributed to the National Strategic Transformation Agenda (NTS1) that aims to create 214,000 decent and productive jobs annually.

The Biwe Project implemented a dual program that equips vulnerable youth living in the community with advanced technical skills. The Program enhances the chances of trainees to be directly hired by the companies or get self-employed upon graduation.


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