SOS CV Rwanda is a child centered organization operating in Rwanda since 1979. Its interventions focus on prevention of family separation through family strengthening, provision of alternative family care for children who have lost or at risk of losing parental care, advocate for stronger child protection system and empower young people.
Since 2016, SOS CV Rwanda contributes in the implementation of Child care reform in Rwanda and strive for the eradication of root causes that feed street children phenomena. SOS CV signed MoUs with former NCC, NECDP now NCDA and NRS.
332 Children and young people have been already re-unified with their biological families or foster families from SOS Family Care and SOS CV continue supporting them to access quality education, health services, adequate shelter and their families to become economically self-reliant.

Since 2016, SOS CV Rwanda has developed an adapted rehabilitation and re-integration model consisting of the following:

1. Intensive rehabilitation programme and admission: SOS is able to accommodate at least 480 children, however, currently SOS Facilities serve 247 Children.
2. Community-based rehabilitation and re-integration approach: Consisting of re-unifying children with identifiable families and conducting child-parents joint rehabilitation services psycho-social support and family conflict management support, and run income generating activities to tackle their economic problems.
3. Transit programme for young people and recidivist children: This where SOS CV supports children and young people in the family-based community environment and cared for by SOS professionals.

Caregivers and child protection community structures respond to the needs and rights of vulnerable children.

SOS and its partners have the technical, functional, financial and organizational capacity to effectively manage and facilitate safe and suitable reintegration processes for children and young people.

4500 children and young people have successfully reintegrated back to their families and communities of origin and received the necessary follow up support.

The Government of Rwanda develop, implement policies, Guidelines, regulations and commit resources to support safe & suitable reintegration.

The target group is 500 reintegrated children who have been rehabilitated from SOS Children’s Villages and Children in street situation reintegrated after being cared in 4 locations of SOS Children’s Villages
External partners: SOS Børnebyrene, Denmark
Central level partners: MIGEPROF, NCDA, NRS, MINALOC
Districts: All Districts where children are reintegrated


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