[SOS Denmark Board of Directors Applaud SOS Children’s Villages Rwanda ]

SOS Denmark Board of Directors Applaud SOS Children’s Villages Rwanda

The SOS Children’s Villages Denmark (SOS CVD) Board of Directors visited the SOS Children’s Villages Rwanda (SOS CVR) and applauded the quality of care provided for vulnerable children despite challenges over the past 10 years. Board Chairman, Mr. Lars Henrik Munch, who led the visit to several reintegrated children and their families and family strengthening programs, appreciated the efforts and commitment of the SOS CVR staff.

He stated, “When many international organizations fled Rwanda during Rwanda’s crisis in the 90s, SOS Children’s Villages continued to support vulnerable children which will continue in the future.”

In his welcoming message, the National Director of SOS CVR, Liberal Seburikoko noted that the national association continued with its commitment to provide care for children without parental care and at risk of losing the care despite going through various challenges since 2011 including the death of the previous national director and the nine-month transition that followed, the resignation of the replacement national director and the de-institutionalisation process. Liberal appreciated the staff members for the continued provision of quality care without any wastage of resources despite the challenges.

One of the families the team visited was Germaine Umuhire, a farmer who lives in Rurambi Cellule, Nyamirama Sector. Germaine was repatriated from Democratic Republic of Congo and her three children that were under the care of SOS CVR were reintegrated with her. She expressed her gratitude and happiness to start sharing her life again with her children. Germaine said that SOS CVR has continued to support her by paying school fees as she is poor and has no source of income. Germaine hopes the support continues until she is able to support them.

SOS Children’s Villages Rwanda provides care to 635 children and signed a memorandum of understanding with government of Rwanda after which 111 children were admitted and are now integrated in family houses and school following a comprehensive rehabilitation program.

As a standard procedure, children go through medical check-up, treatment, adequate nutrition, social integration through sports and cultural activities, catch-up classes, and enrolment in schools before being admitted to SOS Children’s Villages Rwanda. SOS Children’s Villages Rwanda developed care and intervention plans for 298 reintegrated children and young people. SOS Children’s Villages Rwanda provided psychosocial support through conversation support groups, community counselling, and professional treatment to 929 children, young people and caregivers to help them build resilience. The psychosocial interventions help to rehabilitate children who have lost parental care and were living in the streets before being admitted to the family-like care.

Board of Directors and Legal Representative of SOS CVR, Jean Gakwaya thanked SOS CVD for their support and positive relationship. He said that the national association would continue to value their commitment and support for the children.

SOS Children’s Villages Denmark is one of the biggest donors for SOS Children’s Villages Rwanda for different programs including the family-like care, family strengthening, education, youth empowerment, and mental.


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