[SOS Children’s Villages Rwanda donates 214 cows to the needy families]

SOS Children’s Villages Rwanda donates 214 cows to the needy families

SOS Children’s Villages Rwanda through its program of Family Strengthening (FS) donates 214 cows to the vulnerable families from Rutunga and Jabana sectors of Gasabo District and Rukomo sector of Gicumbi District in a bid to support children while in their respective families.

The project is part of the SOS Children’s Villages Rwanda 3 year program is aiming at improving the families’ livelihood, by empowering them economically for them to be able to raise their children in their families.

Handing over the cows to some beneficiaries, Mr.Jean Gakwaya, Chairman of Board Directors and Legal Representative of SOS Children’s Village Rwanda said that the aim of the entire program is to empower families economically so that they can raise children in their respective families and in a conducive manner.

“We want to see these families stand on their own feet and be able to raise healthy children with no or less help, this is the major reason we are giving out these cows to these families,” he said.

Gakwaya added that to have better results, this time beneficiaries were first given training on the best practices of cattle keeping, which gives them confidence that those who have received the cows will be able to benefit the most.

Gakwaya also called upon the beneficiaries to take good care of the donated cows as they can be a catalyst for them graduate from one Ubudehe category to another as they improve their living conditions.

Speaking on the beneficiaries, Raymond Mberabahizi, Vice Mayor in Charge of Economic Development Gasabo District lauded SOS Children’s Village Rwanda and called upon the beneficiaries to use the opportunities to strive towards self-reliance.

“We thank SOS Children’s Village Rwanda very much for the gift and let me hope that as the beneficiaries of the cows, you will do everything in your individual capacity to make sure that you benefit from what you have been given” he added.

Mberabahizi added that the district is working closely with the local government officials specifically, the sector veterinary doctors to ensure that they will continue following up on these cows so that nothing happens and that beneficiaries can pass on the cows to other needy people in their communities.

Louise Nyinawabega, one of the beneficiaries from Rutunga Sector, who received already lactating cow, said that the cow provides her every day with 8 liters where she sells 5 and feeds the rest to her family.

Nyinawabega added that with this, she hopes to graduate from the grade 2 of Ubudehe category to grade 3 or 4 in the future.

Family Strengthening Program(FSP) implemented by SOS Children’s Village Rwanda, funded by the German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ).
Family Strengthening Programmes (FS) supports families to be able to take good care of children from their own biological settings. Family Strengthening programs aim to prevent children from losing care of their capacity to protect and care for their children and strengthening the safety nets for vulnerable children and their families within the community.


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