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Partner with us to support orphaned, abandoned and vulnerable children and youths
Your company’s commitment to helping children and society can be reflected in a multitude of ways through a corporate partnership with SOS Children’s Villages Rwanda.

You can support children and young people at risk with a loving home, health care, quality education, vocational training, and other support they need to grow and thrive.

Together we can create and coordinate a tailor-made project that will tangibly help children at risk, while also supporting your business’s brand, interests and people.
Sponsor a child Orphaned and vulnerable children often endure hardships and indignities. For many of these children necessities such as food, clothing, and shelter are unaffordable luxuries.

Key pillars of life such as family, quality education and long-term companionship are cruel, unattainable illusions, Worse still orphaned and vulnerable children often have their most fundamental right-the right to life- threatened and violated.
Your donation makes a big difference in the life of a child. You could help them have a meal everyday, get medical care, education to shape their future.

  • Individual child sponsorship starts with only Rwf 3,600 per months
  • Sponsor a SOS family house of 8 children at Rwf 1,274,169 per month
  • Repair works of SOS facilities that have developed structural malfunctions resulting to unsustainable costs of repair and maintenance and hence threatening the quality care provided to children and youth.


No Child Should
Grow Up Alone

As an SOS child sponsor, you can make a lasting
difference in the life of a child at risk.

Sponsor A Child

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Help us to continue to provide emergency care,
food, shelter, protection, child friendly spaces,
health care, education and other essentials for
children and young people at risk.


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